J.J. Schoch

A modern day Renaissance man … musician, writer, artist and inventor, Jean-Jacques Schoch is at his core a passionate, gifted composer. Fluent on flute, bass, guitar and piano, he has performed with symphony orchestras, string quartets, jazz combos, rock n’ roll bands and acoustic groups. An accomplished synthesist, recording engineer, arranger and producer, J.J. has scored several independent films and videos.

Collaborating together , J.J. engineered and produced Tony Elman’s classic first album, SHAKIN’ DOWN THE ACORNS, VOLUME I. Buoyed by its success, he went on to produce SHAKIN’ DOWN THE ACORNS, VOLUME II and SWINGING ON A GATE.

Recently, Acorn Music released his first solo recording IMAGES OF A MORNING DREAM, a collection of romantic themes for piano.

Click here to visit JJSchoch.com

Click here to purchase music by J.J. Schoch

Listen to Morning Light from the album “Images of a Morning Dream”


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