Peter Elman

Peter Elman –pianist, composer and record producer –grew up in Washington, D.C. and first learned to play music by listening to his transistor radio. Late at night when the airwaves were clear he could hear the sounds of rock n’ roll, rhythm & blues and country music coming from such faraway places as Chicago, Memphis and New Orleans. From these roots he absorbed the many styles of popular American music and was inspired to create his own.

In the 70’s and 80’s Peter performed and recorded with such artists as Peaches & Herb, Lacy J. Dalton, Roy Buchanan and Tom Johnston of Doobie Brothers fame. It was during this period that he refined his skills as a producer.

In 1990, at the request of his brother, Peter recorded DURANGO SALOON, a collection of original instrumental pieces inspired by the American West. In 1993, Peter released DAKOTA NIGHTS, a musical journey to the heartland. On RACE POINT, Peter moved closer to his rock roots, creating an album of songs that range from rock grooves and Caribbean rhythms to plaintive ballads.

In 1999 Peter released FIRST TAKE, on his Real Dream Music label. The album features 10 new songs that travel back to his roots.

Peter has produced several albums for other artists, among them WINTERCREEK by Tony Elman, SANTA FE TRAILS for Brentwood Music, and GLACIERS COME, GLACIERS GO, by Ned Selfe.

“A strong heart, with room aplenty for smiles and tender tears.” – NAPRA Trade Journal

Click here to purchase music by Peter Elman

Listen to The Road Forever from the album “Race Point”

Listen to Another Universe from the album “Dakota Nights”

Listen to Jesse’s Last Ride from the album “Durango Saloon”


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